Thursday, January 13, 2011

3x3 Rubik's cube easy? take 5x5 aka professor cube with PICTURE faces!

Intro... I hate to memorize but love 5x5 cube challenge

I DO NOT like to memorize any step to solve the cube. I've Google & tried many solutions. I am integrating the EASIEST & LEAST memorization with some of my own method.

Just got interest on Rubik's cube of late. Started when I took on a normal 3x3 on my colleagues' desk. Kind of fun brain teaser... so I got a iphone app game; Rubik's cube. That when I found out the hardest cube yet, picture faced 5x5 Rubik's cube... same difficulty as a 5x5 sodukube

So if you are not into speedcubing... read on..

Don't use brain Grey matter! Use brain neurons! 

Grey matter of your brain are like hard drives in PC, it stores memory. Neural networks, or simply neurons are the link between between Grey matter. When you understand something, neural network connects. 

Look for most solution on the net... you will see horrible amount of data to crunch (into your brain's Grey matter), even for a simple 3x3 Rubik's cube.  

My solution will use very little memorization...little brain Grey matter. Basically you only need to remember THREE simple combo moves, & the rest of the method involves comprehension. Pure logic from your neural network.

Some ideas are certainly NOT mine but I do add own some of my own. Not much on Picture Rubik cube to search on either.

The rest will require understand & using simple logic.. technically relying on your neurons! Just try it out & practice for a while and you will see how simple it is.

When you are using some memorized combo, if you somehow got distracted while doing your moves, you usually get lost... then you start over? Sucks right? In my solution you actually understand your moves every step. You should never lose track!

Picture faces on a 5x5 Rubik's / Professor's cube 

5x5 is already hard... it is aka the Professor's cube... otherwise it wouldn't be called the professor's rube, right? Now add that  5x5 cube with pictures! Fun begins!

Gonna be real tough. Those who think not... think again.. problem is in the pieces center pieces! I tried to Google a solution on the net... no answers! 

Crack my head for several days to find a definitive simple solution for solving picture 5x5 rubik / professor's cube. 

So here I am starting my first blog... sharing with you what I have learned... :-P ...

my cool Iphone App - Rubik's Cube

If you have not seen it, you got to try it out. Seriously cool app.. way more than a 3x3 I tot I was going for. 

One feature I really like is the auto solve. You can take camera pic on your iphone on all the faces of the cube, one at a time, it will capture & animate a solution tat usually in less than 20 steps.

Anyways I started with a standard 3x3, and then experimented with other modes. The app have this awesome feature of enabling any 3x3,4x4, or 5x5 with pictures that can be selected from your iphone picture album. How cool is tat?

There also option to pick some default pictures.. no fun here. Or you can also try the "crazy cube" mode. Difficulty & solution is same tough as a 5x5 with picture. Just more annoying if you ask me.

So I am gonna simply guide you through my "ABC" solution using snapshot's from the app. 

Hey... You don't need the app to get started...

You can be using your own hard solid standard 5x5 professor's cube.. or Eastsheen or V-Cube for that matter. 2 ways to give your cube a picture 5x5 difficulty...
1. Buy & paste Standard "Pochmann" stickers for 5x5. You could simply paste your own pictures or stickers on to your own cube too. 

2. On your completed 5x5, you can simply mark numbers 1,2,3,...25 on each side of the colour face. 

3. Get a customized Eastsheen or V-Cube 5x5 "supercube" that already have colour stickers.


  1. hi Kirstine,

    It's there on the tabs. You need to learn & understand only these 3 moves as

    In the steps 1-7 I'm j walking u through how u can use these simple combo to solve a 5x5 with orders... not plain colors.